Time for another weekly contest.

It’s March, which means that it’s time for college basketball playoffs!

The prize is our usual weekly prize of a pair of real red and white Las Vegas chips.


Here is the next weekly contest:

Below are the games that will be played on Friday night. To make sure we aren’t sued, I’ve edited and censored each team’s logo.

You are to pick THREE teams who will win their games, and by how much that team will win by.

For example, you can enter, Irvine 2, Cincinnati 5, Washington 10.

That means you think Irvine will win by 2, Cincinnati will win by 5, and Washington will win by 10.


The entries will be scored as such:

For every team you correctly pick, you will receive 20 points.

Then you will receive 20 points if you perfectly pick the margin of victory. If your margin of victory is not perfect, then you receive 10 points, minus 1 point for every point your guess is off, with zero extra points if you’re off by more than ten (no negative points).

For example, if you pick Washington 10, and Washington wins by 8, you will receive 28 points for that pick (20 points for picking the winners and then 10-2 points for the margin of victory).

If you pick an underdog, and your underdog wins, then you get double the net points for that team.

TIE BREAKER: If there are more than people 3 who tie, then the tie breaker will be whoever is closest in overall points for all three of the pick’s combined margin of victory from those teams actual margin of victory. If there is still a tie, there will be a coin toss.

Lots of strategy and risk-taking involved. This weekly contest is a brain teaser.

Entries will be closed at tip off of the earliest game listed below.

If you win, please pay attention to your email. We will contact you to ship your real Las Vegas casino chips to you.

Good luck!

NOTE: At the time I wrote this, the Duke opponent was TBD. You can wait for the TBD team to be named or just pick Duke and the margin of victory. Or you can really chance it and go blind and pick the TBD team. Upsets happen.






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