This is the second installment of our college basketball themed MM contest (we can’t actually say what the words MM stand for because of copyright reasons).

Real Las Vegas casino chips will go out to the winner.

This contest is really simple and pertains to the games that will be played on Sunday, March 31.

Contest Question:

On March 31, two games will be played.

What will be the number of points that each team scores in the first game?

What will be the number of points that each team scores in the second game?

You do not have to pick which specific team scores which points.


Enter four points totals, one for each of the four teams in games 1 and 2, for example, 1. 86 96  2. 67 78 

Those are the scores for each team. You do not have to pick which team scores which points. The first two scores will be for the first game, and the last two scores will be for the last two game. If you enter 86, 96, 67, 78, that’s fine, too. I will just use the same sequencing of first two scores for the first game, and last two scores for the second game.

Entries do not close until the tip-off the first March 31 game. Meaning you can enter now or you can wait to see who plays in the round of 8. The round of 16 has not yet played, as of the posting of this contest.


If you correctly pick the point total for each team, then you will receive 100 points for each team, minus one point for each point that you are off.

Whoever has the highest number of points will win.

If there are more than 3 ties, then the tie breaker will be as follows:

The points total that does not go over will receive an extra point.

If more than 3 entries are still tied, then among the tied entries, whoever is closest in the first game will be the tiebreaker. If there is still a tie, then the decision will go to the second game. If there is still a tie, then I will conduct a random draw. It’s highly unlikely to go that far.

Good luck!

FYI, below are the teams remaining in the round of 16, but the Weekly Contest is for the games on March 31.


I love basketball, but next week, we will be doing something else.

The next weekly contest will be about hop bets. If you aren’t familiar with hop bets, don’t worry. I have an article coming.


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