The Kentucky Derby is this weekend!

For us horse racing fans, it’s a fun weekend and a reason to gather with friends.

I have my bets ready for this weekend.

As a closer to our horse racing themed weekly contest – where we began with the old fashioned Sigma Derby machine to the modern Fortune Cup horse racing machine – we will close the loop with the most famous horse race of them all.

This weekly contest is simple. Pick which three horses will finish first, second, and third out of the Kentucky Derby line up.

As a tie breaker, include the fourth place horse.

The existing horses are listed below, along with their odds.


To enter, just list four horses, with the first horse being the win, the second being the place, the third being the show, and the fourth horse as the tiebreaker. Tiebreaker will not be used unless there is a tie.

You may also use the numbers assigned for each horse above.

An acceptable entry will be any of the following:

Omaha Beach, Code of Honor, Win Win Win, Country House.


20, 6, 5, 1 (as the above-assigned numbers for each horse)

Note that the final post position or final odds will not matter for this contest. For simplicity’s sake, we will stick with the above post position and odds, even if the actual race odds change.


Points will be awarded based on the odds paid for each horse, with the following multiplier: 4x for first, 3x for second, 2x for third, and 1x for the tiebreaker. Tiebreaker will not be used unless there is a tie.

Example, if the odds for a horse are 50-1 to win, and you call the win horse correctly, then you will be awarded 50 points x 4 for a total of 200 points.

The same formula will then be used for your other horses, with the appropriate multiplier.

Obviously, the first place horse has the most points and is the most important horse to call correctly.

If there is a dispute or ambiguity, I am the final judge.

Good luck!


If you picked Omaha Beach or any horse that scratched, just make another entry. I’ll count the entry without a scratch.

For those who didn’t know that one of their horses was scratched, I’ll score it as is.

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