Here is the video for the weekly contest.

I will officially announce the winner tomorrow, in this post, so as to give everyone a day to watch the video. Of course, the video will stay up afterward for all the roulette fans to watch.

If there is enough demand, I’ll make longer roulette videos.

I haven’t even looked at all the entries yet, so I don’t know the identity of the winner.

If you didn’t win, no worries, you’ll have another chance to win tomorrow.

Good luck and enjoy the video!


The winner of the Weekly Contest is for May 8 – May 14 is Jeff D!

Congratulations, Jeff.

On the first spin, he got the color and section correct for 3 points. On the second spin, Jeff whiffed. On the third spin, Jeff got 35 right on the head for 35 points.

That’s a total of 38 points.

Be sure to check your email, Jeff D. We will mail your prize to you.

It’s kind of crazy that with all the entries, very few people got any numbers correct. It gives me fresh perspective on why roulette players like to cover lots of numbers.

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Contest, May 8 – May 14 Results and Roulette Video

  • on the third spin black 8 is the winning number, shouldn’t the 1st 12 be the winner too? It’s marked as the second when results are posted

    • RoadGambler says:

      You are right and eagle eyed, Kevin.

      The winning result is 1st, not the second. It’s the result of the wheel.

      The text commentary is only an aid for those who can’t see the result.

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