Usually, I alternate the theme of each Weekly Contest, even if it’s football season; however, the next Monday night game is so juicy and entertaining that I’m compelled to do another football-themed contest.

It was only last year (and all the years after Harbaugh left) that the 49ers were bottom of the barrel dregs of the league. Now, they’re the only undefeated team left, and on Monday night, they play a very good Seattle team.


The Monday night game on November 11 is the subject of this Weekly Contest.

San Francisco



At stake is our weekly prize of a pair of real red and white chips from a real Las Vegas casino.

$100 BONUS

Almost every contest has someone coming very close to a perfect score of 150 points. A perfect score means that you perfectly called the scores for both teams.

If you score a perfect 150 points and end up winning the contest, you will also win a $100 bonus. This will be a regular bonus going forward for football contests.


In the comment section below, just enter a score for each team, such as…

SF 3, SEA 5

That’s just an example. Just make sure that we can clearly tell which team your score refers to. ‘S 3, S 5’ is going to be disqualified due to ambiguity.


Rules are now standardized here…

Rules for football season weekly contests.

TL;DR summary of rules

Try to come as close as possible to the actual final score, without going over. Oh, and try to pick the correct team to win.


Remember that if this is your first time making do my math homework a comment or entry, we filter first comments for spam. After we approve your first comment, your subsequent comments will appear without moderation.

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