The video above contains the results of the Poker Run Out Tournament.

Good luck at all who entered.

We will email the winner.

If you just want to see the final winner, the result is near the end of the video.

Note that in Round 2, I stuck with the original rules of this Weekly Contest and divided the round 1 winners into tables of 6 and 2, per the rules. In a normal tournament, the tables would have been 4 and 4.

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Contest Oct 2 – 8 RESULTS: Texas Hold ‘Em Run Out Poker Tournament

    • Jeff dunstan says:

      you are right mark. I showed my wife who enters the contest as well every week. She is deb. thats very ironic because i told her that she should have gotten my winning hand so whatever the prize is im giving it to her because her ace nine of spades beat my 7 10 of hearts. very strange indeed that my wife was the one who got the missed win. so every one mark is right my wife should have actually won. Jeff dunstan

    • Yes. I am going to correct this.

      I failed to approve the final video and this happened.

      My apologies.

      This is why we provide proof of results.

  • Hey RG, great idea for contest, I only saw it up to Hand 8 and am stopping to write this message, you had Andy win with a Straight, but looks like Stephen should’ve won with QD5D Queen high flush. 9:53 mark.

    Reading the other comment, I’m assuming this happens again at 10:30 mark.

    Just wanted to let you know.

    • Hi everyone,

      Unfortunately, neither of my assistants play poker, and I didn’t get a chance to approve this results. Work has been busy lately.

      If the results would have been different, we will award the prize to the actual winner and the declared winner.

      Sometimes, it’s a rough road to teaching poker and I was a poor teacher in this case. I should have approved the final results.


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