This week is football. I just love football so much that this will probably be the theme for contests until the end of the season, with breaks now and then, depending on if we receive any grumbling.


This contest will involve the Monday night game…



Green Bay


Pick the score for each team.

For example, your entry can be any version of…

D 9, GB 6


Want to take a highly improbable – but possible – score for a chance to win a bonus?

The following are high-risk entries. If you pick any of these scores, you are unlikely to win. But if you do win, I will throw in a $100 bonus in addition to the weekly prize. You don’t have to match the scores exactly; rather, you just have to win with the scores listed below.

Due to the doppelgänger rule, only one person can claim each entry below.

I will attempt to indicate if a score has been claimed by crossing out the score below, but ultimately, it is the entrant’s responsibility to check the existing entries for availability.

D 72, GB 41 (points total is the highest-scoring game in history, 1966)

D 41, GB 72

D 3, GB 0 (lowest scoring game in history with a score; has happened many times)

D 0, GB 3 entry taken

D 35, GB 35 (highest historical score that tied, Oct 12, 2014)

D 27, GB 27 (highest tied score this year, Sept 8, 2019 )

D 6, GB 3 (lowest historical score for OT; for this specific entry to qualify, game must go to OT)

D 3, GB 6 (lowest historical score for OT; for this specific entry to qualify, game must go to OT)

Warning: if you pick either of the tied scores, you will likely suffer a -20 point penalty unless the game ties, since you did not pick the winner (as stated in the rules). This makes it even more difficult for you to win (although not impossible) unless the actual game ends in a tie, in which case you do not suffer a -20 point penalty.

‘I Have Almost No Chance’ Crazy Bonus

$3000 bonus if you pick D 0, GB 0. entry taken

It happened once on November 7, 1943. Detroit Lions v. New York Giants.

For this entry to win, the exact final score must be 0 – 0.

Note 1: the actual game must start and play for 60 minutes of regulation. Forfeit or an act of god that stops the game will result in a push.

Note 2: in the event that you win this prize, we will issue a tax form to you, and you will be responsible for taxes.


The rules for this Weekly Contest are the same rules found here: uniform rules for Football contests going forward.

So as to cut down the amount of text, I have decided to standardize the rules. Cut off for new entries will always be game times, as published by ESPN.

TL;DR rules (scoring)

If you don’t want to read the rules, then just try to predict the points for each team as close as possible, without going over. Oh, and be sure to pick the correct team to win, or else you suffer a penalty that makes it very difficult to win.


Good luck!

Remember that if you have not made an entry prior, we filter first comments for spam. After we approve your first comments, you will be good to grand your posts will appear immediately.



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