The winner of this Weekly Contest is Ulysses Mosier.

Congrats to Ulysses for a job well done.

Final score for the game was…

Washington 4

San Francisco 0

St Louis 0


The zeros messed up a lot of entries that looked like they were going to win. That’s how gambling goes sometimes. You get close and then the unpredictable happens. But then again, shutouts happen in baseball all the time. It’s not unusual.

Kevin mentioned the brawl between Cincy and Pittsburgh. I watched parts of that game in a bar and missed the brawl. The game was not a notable game and it was a blowout, so no one was paying attention to it until the next day.

It’s a genuine fight with punches thrown. Most baseball fights are shoving matches.

Here it is if you are entertained by sports fights…


On a side note, I’ll be back Thursday with the next installment of our weekly real craps game video.


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