ADDENDUM: Congratulations to our Weekly Prize winners Ed O’Conner for Part 1 and Adam T from Part 2.

Unfortunately, no one hit the super prize but a few entries came very close because of very talented deductive reasoning and investigative skills. Those entries definitely tilted the odds in their favor.

The RESULTS video is here! The above video is the complete count.

Watch the video and sweat!

The entire count, from the moment when the box and bag are cut are presented for your inspection.

Good luck to all who entered!

If you just want to see the OFFICIAL TOTAL without the sweat…

This embedded video below starts at 21:41…

I’ll look over the entries tonight and score the winners from Part 1, 2, and a possible Super Prize. I’ll announce the winners here tomorrow. As of now, I have not scored the results.

From my recollection of the entries, it seems that there were several entries that are close enough to contend for the Super Prize. There are several hard sweats possible.

Good luck to everyone. This has been a fun contest.




If you wish to protest the OFFICIAL TOTAL, please log your protest here in this article, within the timeframe for protests, as stated in the rules of the contest. I will be watching the video later, with a critical eye, to look for any discrepancy or inaccuracy in Jacqueline’s count.

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Contest RESULTS August 21 – 27: PART 2, $1000!

    • YW!

      I haven’t gone over the other results myself, so I still don’t know, and won’t know until tonight. You did come very close, which means you picked up on all the clues. Excellent job.

      I put a lot of thought and design into this contest. I’m very happy with the results of Part 2, which played out exactly as the clues would have suggested. Going forward we will have more brain teaser type contests, along random pure luck type contests. Gotta have both types for all audiences.

  • My thinking…

    39 trips x 40 bucks of remnant money = approximately 1560 dollars….

    Oh well….an educated guess is sometimes wrong…lol

    • An educated guess has a huge advantage over a blind guess!

      When it comes to games and life in general, the only thing one can do is put the odds in your favor as much as you can. That’s what you did.

      Micheal Arnold, who didn’t have the benefit of being in my shoes and had no idea other than the clues, came very close. If only a 1/5 of the players had picked up on the clues the way Michael Arnold, did, there would be a sure winner of the Super Prize.

      I’m not going to specify the clues or how to deduce them because there are players like Michael and yourself who deserve to have the advantage if you figure out the clues. This contest will run again in some fashion, so I will stop giving away anymore hints.

      The fact that several people were very close means that the contest met its’ objective of being not too easy, not too hard, but solvable while also being engaging to the casual player who doesn’t want to play detective games.

      I’m currently designing another contest that I think will be an interesting mind game. I’ll run it small first, and then if it succeeds, we will run it bigger. More to come!

      • Can we guess how much you won or loss in the upcoming put bet video?

        Watching high limits craps gets my action juices going….looking forward to it….

  • 43 off with my 2nd guess. Not bad for just using old memories of taking care of money at the pool. Glad i was able to figure out it was easily over 1k during week 1.

  • Holy crap!! My 2nd guess is very close. My wife actually told me to put that number, I showed her the photos and she just said “$1,673.49” I was sweating big time watching the video. Very good contest RG! Thanks for the fun!!!!!

    • Very good estimate by your wife. I suspect that I know how she was able to get so close, too, but I won’t say. That’s your advantage the next time this type of contest pops up.

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