Here are the results for the Sigma Derby Weekly Contest.

Good luck to all who entered.

We have a four-way tie. Instead of using a tiebreaker, I’m going to award the prize to all four entries. We can’t do this every time, but for now…why not? We very much appreciate everyone who stops by RoadGambler.com. Congrats to the winners!

It has come to my attention that this Sigma Derby machine is the last one available in all of Las Vegas. It’s a piece of Las Vegas history, so if you’re ever downtown, stop by and check it out. While I was playing, a cocktail waitress was taking drink orders from all the patrons at the machine. Most of the patrons were playing no more than 25 cents per race. Talk about economical gambling.

It’s estimated that the house has a 20% advantage on this machine, but if you work out the math, each race takes slightly over a minute to run. A machine will run one race every minute or so. That’s 60 races per hour. When I was playing, I decide to bet two pairs per race at 25 cents per pick. I found myself getting bored betting only one pair. That works out to $30 worth of action per hour. At 20% house edge, it will cost you a mere $6 per hour to play.

If you min bet at 25 cents each and stick to one pair of horses per race, that’s a mere $3 per hour for some serious fun. This is why sometimes, the house edge is a secondary factor to the expected hourly cost.

The cocktail waitress was dedicated and fast. She was specifically assigned to the upstairs part of the casino, so I got in way more drinks than $6 an hour would buy at a bar. It was a good old fashioned Las Vegas deal!

Oh, and the cocktail waitress was extremely attractive, friendly, and professional, despite everyone tipping her 25 cents to 50 cents per drink (because everyone has tubs of quarters). I assure you that I tipped her better than quarters. She deserved it.

Play with a bucket of quarters


Last week, some of you noticed that we didn’t have a video. There was a significant reason for this…

A RoadGambler.com reader invited me to record one of his games, but then changed his mind for reasons that I will keep private. This is the second time that someone has asked me to record a game, and then changed their mind. I’m thinking of no longer doing games with persons who might object.

The Caesars Palace game is another example of a game that involved a person I knew. That video almost didn’t make it to air because of objection after the fact.

Also, the Atlantic City videos were taken down due to a complaint from one of the persons who is in the video. At first, they had no objection.

For the long term health of the videos, we must respect wishes to have a video taken down. While casinos cannot condone what we do, I’ve been told on the down-low that marketing loves it for free exposure. A few casino marketing departments have explicitly told me that if not for security nixing the plan, they would allow a live broadcast of a craps game; after all, a live blackjack broadcast has already happened.

Support for RoadGambler.com

I support RoadGambler.com out of my own pocket, including paying for support staff. These videos would not be possible without your support. If you so feel inclined, and you already play online, please open an account through our affiliates.

If you believe that we provide a valuable service that keeps you entertained and distracts you from the daily grind, or that we just bring you a little bit of joy, I ask for your support.

RoadGambler.com employs an editor and a video technician. I employ them full-time and provide health benefits to them. I write all the articles, myself. I enjoy writing and it gives me an outlet for my creative side.

However, don’t open an account if you normally don’t play online. Do so only if you already play online. You would be helping us by doing something that you already do. After all, football season is coming and the games are always a little more fun and interesting with a couple of bucks on the line.

Thanks for your support and good luck on the next weekly contest!



Mike C

Lord Noah


Congratulations to the above winners. We’ve contacted all of you and your prizes are on the way!

FYI, we wait until the next day to publish the names of the winners, so as to not spoil the results of the video.

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