EDIT: the winner is Michael, who entered on June 27 at 1:58.

Congrats, Michael. We will be sending you an email shortly, so that we can send your prize to you.

Here is the video with the results for the last Weekly Contest.

Just so that we don’t ruin the surprise as to who won, I won’t name the winner until tomorrow morning.

So that you have an idea, you need to end up with more than your starting bankroll of $1000 to win.

As an FYI, there was an entry would have won, however, that entry only had two unique bet amounts. The rule was that an entry needed three bets of a unique amount, not including $0.

I implemented the rule so that we wouldn’t need a coin flip, otherwise there would have been the possibility too many ties.

Thanks for participating!

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Contest RESULTS June 26 – July 3: Casino War!

  • Hey RG, first time replier/poster here. I mostly follow for the craps, but this was an interesting video to me. Specific to your play, your last hand, what would you have done in the event of a tie, considering you went “all in”? Would you have bought in for the same amount and bet that, or taken the surrender hit? Thanks for all your fantastic content.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Hi David.

      Btw, now that I’ve approved your first comment, you will now appear immediately when you post. It’s a form of spam filter. You are good to go.

      When I made this video, I had it in mind to do this weekly contest. I was very much done with the game. Honestly, the game is not my style go gamble.

      In this video, I made a horrible mistake strategy-wise: I came in and played the game without researching optimal strategy. The dealer gave a diplomatic nonsensical answer because she didn’t want to be blamed. The proper strategy is to always go to war.

      Considering that I did’t know basic strategy at the time, I would have taken the chop and left.

      Interesting fact…if you watch there sequence of cards, if I had gone to war on the war hand, I would have lost…but then again…the big hand at the end would have turned out differently.

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