Congrats to our winner Manny Delgado!

The final scores for each of the game were…

Mil 112

Tor 118


GS 119

Port 117

Based on those scores, Manny scored 372 points and wins the weekly prize. Congrats, Manny!

We will have another basketball contest when the finals roll around.

As for my personal results, I didn’t see the Milwaukee result happening, so I lost that bet. The Milwaukee series is my favorite series so far of these playoffs. I’m sick and tired of Golden State showing up in the finals five times in a row. That’s about as unbearable as the Patriots. I’m sick of it, I tell you.

And I’m sick of all the bandwagon Golden State fans. I remember living in California in the early 2000s, and no one even knew that the Warriors were in California. Then, you have the coach who thinks he’s a great coach. An elementary school basketball coach could lead that team to a championship. Ask Luke Walton.

I’m rooting for Milwaukee all the way!

I don’t claim to be a professional sports bettor, nor am I a high stakes sports bettor. I bet for fun and bet maybe $20 on the games I enjoy watching. I tend to bet the teams straight up. I find that it’s weird to bet the line, where your favorite team can lose, but you still win the bet.

If you didn’t win, then no worries, there is another Weekly Contest tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s Weekly Contest will be Bingo themed.

Yes, Bingo…the late night and weekend staple of the small town gambling event.

Yours truly is known to play Bingo every now and then because it’s cheap and makes for a fun night out with friends.

Check back tomorrow for the next Weekly Contest!

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Contest RESULTS May 15 – May 21: Basketball Playoffs

  • Manny Delgado says:

    Awesome! I live in Northern California so you know I’m rooting for the Dubs! Bucks vs Golden State is bound to be an epic Finals! Assuming the Bucks win the East.

    • RoadGambler says:

      That would be a great series. I’m very much looking forward to that series. If Milwaukee loses tonight, I’m going to be sweating.

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