Congratulations to our winners…Craps Fanatic and Lawrence Jay Roth.

Both entries tied all the way through to the fourth tiebreaker. Since the fourth tiebreaker condition was going to inevitably result in a tie, I decided that the fourth tiebreaker condition was nonsensical. As a result, I threw out the fifth tiebreaker, which would have been the coin flip. We will award the prizes to both tied entries, rather than flip a coin.

Final Score for each half was:

First Half: GS 54, Tor 59.

Second Half: GS 55, Tor 45

I had a few people do a preemptive celebration stating that they won, however, according to the rules, you are penalized with a 2x points deduction for each score that you go over. I was a big fan of the Price is Right growing up, and I like the idea of an extra penalty for going over.

Please check your email so that we may send your prize to you.

If you are a repeat winner, we still need your information because we shred and destroy any personal mailing information we receive. We respect your privacy at

If you didn’t win, there’s always the next Weekly Contest. Check back tomorrow.

We are going to have a Weekly Contest that is entirely different from what you are used to so far. This one will require more skill and observation than usual.


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0 thoughts on “Weekly Contest RESULTS May 29 – June 4: Basketball FINALS!

  • After hitting 2 scores on the head and missing one by a single point I thought I had this in the bag, then I realized I had Toronto laying an egg in the first half. Oh well

    • RoadGambler says:

      When I saw your two perfect scores, my first thought was, it’s over…but, that actual Toronto score was hard to see coming for most people.

        • RoadGambler says:

          I’ve tried. It’s boring as hell to watch. Maybe five people would watch it.

          Next time I’m in California, I’ll get some footage.

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