Wow! That was an ugly game. Sam Darnold had no chance. After the Dallas game, I thought he had a legitimate underdog’s chance, but nope! It was like a pro team playing a high school team. Just horrible, all the way around.


Congrats to B. Ungerer, who had the winning score of 128 out of 150 possible points.

B. Ungerer had New England 31 and New York 10.

Jeremy S. also had the same score at 31 – 10, but due to the doppelgänger rule, Jeremy’s score was bumped to 32 – 11.

There will be another Weekly Contest tomorrow.

Due to the mess up that occurred last time, I am going to attempt another poker run out tournament. People seemed to enjoy the contest, I liked running and dealing out the tournament, and the video was actually fun to produce. So check back in tomorrow for the Weekly Contest.


Work has been very lately, and I am also coincidentally going through a personal life changing situation. No, it’s not a physical injury. Once the dust has settled, I’ll write about it.

As a result, I have not been able to write my usual blog posts. I should be back very soon, but in the meantime, keep checking back for weekly real craps game videos and Weekly Contests. Those will not end. My trusted aids will keep those running and make sure that everyone is entertained until I’m back.

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