Congrats to Mark K…again!

Mark K was the winner last week, and he’s the winner again this week!

Last night’s final score was a woeful…

Cin 3

Pitt 27

It was a terrible game, but I still love football, and almost any football is makes for fun viewing and betting. I’m also up for the season!

If you didn’t win, then tomorrow is another chance. We have something a little different planned. It involves poker.

Congrats Mark K.

Check your email.

Oh, we delete all personal info once we send out prizes, so we will need your address again.

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Contest RESULTS Sept 25 – Oct 1: Football Week 4

  • Congrats Mark K.

    According to my calculations, I lost by one point. Essentially, Cincinnati sucked worse than I thought they would 🙂

    As a Philadelphia fan (we all have our flaws), I am used to falling just short. 🙂

    Anyway, thanks RG for doing this. I look forward to the next one.

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