Wow that Houston game.

New Orleans was favored by 6.5, I had Houston straight up to win. Who the heck plays a prevent defense in this day and age? Come on!

Final scores

Houston 28


Denver 16

Oakland 24

The winner, up review of the review is Lawrence Roth who scored 81 points.


This week is dedicated to cruise week, where I will bring you my complete report of my vacation on the Royal Carribean Navigator of the Seas. There will be lots of real craps games, reports, and videos of onboard activities.

Tomorrow, I’ll bring the first installment, as I hit the craps table the moment the ship hits international waters and the onboard casino opens up. It’s RoadGambler versus the casino, as the other guests are still unpacking, eating, eating, eating, and doing more eating (if you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know what I mean…eating is a big part of the cruising experience).

See you tomorrow!

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