We are in the midst of March Madness, and I absolutely love basketball. The next contest will start tomorrow and will also be similarly themed.

If you didn’t win, then tomorrow is another chance!

Last week’s winner absolutely crushed the contest. I want this fella next to me the next time that I’m enjoying a drink at the Caesars Palace sports book.

The winner is Kevin, who awesomely just crushed it, showing no mercy whatsoever. Be careful letting this guy into your office March Madness pool!

Here were his picks and his points results…

Kevin picked Liberty to win by 5. Liberty was a big underdog seeded #11, versus #5 MS State. Liberty won by 4, so Kevin was a mere 1 point off. How the heck did you see that coming?

He also picked UCF to win by 11. UCF was a #9 underdog versus #8 VCU. UCF won by 15, Kevin was 4 points off.

He also picked UNC to win by 13. UNC was a favorite and won by 15, so Kevin was a fantastic 2 points off.

So according to the rules, for picking the underdogs, he receives double the net points for each underdog team (I love picking underdogs at a sports book).

So his points total according to the rules was (29×2) + (26×2) + (28) = 138 total points.

Like I said, no one else was close.

Congratulations to Kevin. Please be sure to check your email, my friend. I will be sending your prize to you.


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Have a great day, my friends.






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One thought on “Weekly Contest Results and Housekeeping Notes

  • I’d like to say hours of research helped but it was just dumb luck except the unc pick. Hope I can keep it up for the next contest
    Thanks road gambler

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