The weekly contests are back!

Now that we are no longer attempting to gain access to YouTube’s Partner Program, we are free to have weekly contests.

We are going to have weekly contests where you can win real casino chips from a Las Vegas Casino, usually a red and a white chip that is in very good shape and very collectible. Or you can just cash it in.

Every contest will be different. We will vary the themes and contests.

There is no limit to how many times you can win, although, I’m crossing my fingers that we have some diversity. But…if you’re a regular RoadGambler contributor and reader, I hope you win them all!

Winners will always be announced on the contest page. If there is a dispute or something unforeseeable happens, I am the final judge.

There is never a fee or cost to enter.


I’m a big basketball fan, and yes, I’m a big fan of Lebron. Here is one guy who can carry an entire team on his back. That’s power. I’m rooting for the Lakers to make the playoffs this year, even if they’re crushed by Golden State in the first round. There’s still time.

I’m also a big fan of the Greek Freak, which is why I’m really interested in the Bucks game.

So in that spirit, the weekly contest this weekend is…BASKETBALL.

There are three big games this weekend. I’ll have my bets ready and I’ll be at a sports bar splurging on basketball this weekend.


These are the three games at the heart of the contest…

  1. Warriors v. 76ers
  2. Bucks v. Jazz
  3. Suns v. Lakers

You are to guess the combined score for EACH GAME and make your entry in the comments below.

For example,

You can enter: 1. 260, 2. 210, 3. 190. If you just enter 260, 210, and 190, then the order of your entry will be game 1, game 2, then game 3.

To determine the winner, I am going to add up the final score of all three games, then add up the final scores of all three of your guesses. The winner will be the person who gets closest to the actual combined scores of all three games; with over/under not mattering.

In the event of a tie (because some people may have the same combined score), I will go with the individual games and work from game 1 on down, and determine the tiebreaker using game 1. I’ll combine the score of the two teams in game 1, and whoever is closest in their combined score for game 1 will be the winner. If there is still a tie after comparing game 1, then we shall move to game 2, etc.

Winner will be announced Monday. We will contact you to ship your prize to you.

Hint: some simple and quick research here will give you an edge over those who just blindly guess; although, sometimes, luck wins out.

Good Luck!



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After we approve your first comment, all your comments thereafter will appear instantly.

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