The last Weekly Contest was a bit more complicated than our usual contest, so this week, we are going to have a very simple Weekly Contest for our weekly prize of a pair of red and white chips from a real Las Vegas casino.

[Edit, just so that the comment section stays in numerical order, I will post replies to comments in this article below]


The above video has two spins on a triple zero roulette wheel at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Even I don’t know the results of the spins. Only my video editor knows, and to prevent any type of influence, we recorded several spins and randomly determined which spin to use. My video editor is closely guarding the results.

The video will go live next week, July 9.

Just to keep this contest on the up and up, the above frame that you see is the very first frame of the video that contains the spins.

In the comment section below, just say In or make any comment, and you will be assigned a number on the wheel.

The first person to make an entry will be assigned number 1, the second entry will be number 2, the third will be number 3, etc.

Entry number 37 will be single zero.

Entry number 38 will be double zero.

Entry number 39 will be triple zero.

If there are more than 39 entries, the entries over 39 will go the the second spin (the overflow spin).

Entry #40 will be assigned number 1 on the second spin, and entry #41 will be assigned number 2, etc, all the way to the same sequence of zeros as described above.

On the second spin, which we call the ‘overflow spin’, if there are not enough entries, then the unclaimed spots will belong to no one. If the ball lands in an unclaimed spot, then there will be no winner on the overflow spin. This same rule will apply to the first spin, in the event that all the spots are not covered.

NOTICE: for purposes of this contest, only the first comment from each person will count as an entry and be assigned a spot on the wheel. Responses to comments will not count as a spot on the layout and will be ignored for purposes of continuing the spot count. I’ll watch the entries and clarify during the week.


Make your entry below. As usual, entries are always free!

Remember that if this is your first time making a comment or entry, your comment will not appear immediately. We filter first comments for spam, but your comments will appear immediately after we approve your first comment.

RoadGambler [clarification] Comments on the Entries:

Added July 3 in response to Ben Berger:

Ben is at spot 5. First comment which required approval, but time stamp makes Ben #5 in line.

Added July 3 in response to David:

To continue, David is number 6, and Chris Staso below is number 7.



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