This post will be used as standardized rules in the Weekly Contest involving football.

TL;DR but you want to play

For the relevant football game, enter a score for TEAM A and a score for TEAM B.


Football is the greatest sport in the world. It’s also the most exciting sport.

At stake is our weekly prize of a pair of real red and white chips from a Las Vegas casino.


RoadGambler will pick a football game that is usually late Sunday or Monday to be the subject of the Weekly Contest.

Format will be…

Team A


Team B


In the comment section, enter a score for TEAM A and a score for TEAM B.

Your entry can be something line A 6, B 10.

You can also enter A6, B10.

If you enter 6, 10. The order of teams – for entry purposes – is A and then B.

That’s it.


If you perfectly call the score for the winning team, you will receive 100 points.

If you perfectly call the score for the losing team, you will receive 50 points.

For every point you are off for the associated team, you will lose 1 point from the perfect score. There is a 2x penalty for going over. So, for example, if you are 2 points under for the winning team, then you will receive 98 points, but if you are 2 points over, then you will receive 96 points for the winning team  (-2 x 2 = 100-4).

Same formula applies for the losing team.

It is possible to score negative points.


  • you will suffer an additional penalty of -20 points from your final score if your team with the higher score loses (meaning you picked the wrong team to win the game). For example, if your entry is A 6, B 10, and TEAM A wins the game, you will suffer a -20 point penalty from your final score, in addition to the scoring outline listed above.
  • Failure to pick the winning team results in -20 point penalty from your final score.
  • There is no -20 penalty if the actual game ends in a tie.

A perfect score is 150 points.

The highest point total will win, unless the final score is 0-0, in which case the Crazy Bonus wins.

Doppelgänger rule

In the event that a later entry has scores for both TEAM A and TEAM B that perfectly duplicate an earlier entry, then the later entry, as determined by the time stamp, shall have 1 point added to each score until the later entry is a unique entry. For example, if there are two entries that have A 14 and B 21, then the later entry shall forcibly be changed to ‘A 15, B 22’ at the moment the contest closes, but prior to Weekly Contest scoring (to determine the winner).

The following are not doppelgänger entries: ‘A 21, B 20’ and ‘A 21, B 22’. Both scores must duplicate for the later entry to be considered a doppelgänger entry.

If the ‘forcibly changed’ entry is not unique because there was already an existing entry with the same scores, then the above entry shall become ‘A 16, B 23′ (as an example). If the forcibly changed entry is still not unique, then it shall be forcibly changed again until it is unique.

This forced change starts from the top and works its’ way down. Once an entry has been deemed to be a ‘forcibly changed’ entry, that forcibly changed entry, for constructive purposes, will then be deemed to be later than all other entries. For example, if there were two entries with ‘A 12 and B 21’, the later entry will then be deemed a forcibly changed entry and will be assigned, for purposes of the forced change, to be later than all the other entries to which that forcibly changed entry is being compared.

So for clarification, if the above forcibly changed entry settles at ‘A 25, B 32’, then that entry shall settle at ‘A 25, B 32’. If after settlement, the scorer shall go down the list of entries to see if there are any other doppelgänger entries. If there are doppelgänger entries, then the same rule of constructive time stamp assignment shall apply, and the entry that is currently being forcibly changed shall now be deemed to be later than the entry that settled at ‘A 25, B 32’.

So if you do not want your entry to be forcibly changed, be sure to look at the other entries to make sure you are not copying anyone else’s entry, especially if you use a very obvious entry.

Tie Breaker

Unless the actual game score gets totally out of hand, there should not be a tie. But in the event that there is a tie, the in-game coin flip will determine the winner. The earlier time-stamped entry shall be heads, and the later time stamped entry (that tied) shall be tails.

In the highly unlikely event, there are still ties, I shall draw the names out of a bag.


Entrants may change their entry only once.


Entries close at the start of game time, as published by

Remember that if this is your first entry, we filter first comments for spam. After we approve your first comment, your subsequent comments will appear without moderation.

Good luck!


The rules above will be the standard rules for future contests involving football.

So as to reduce the length of these weekly contests post, I shall link the rules above for future contests.

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